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Switching to Unloan
Switching to Unloan

Refinancing your current home loan to Unloan

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What is refinancing and is it right for me?Approaching the end of your fixed-rate term or looking for a better deal on your interest rate? Understand how the refinancing process works
What are the benefits of refinancing?Thinking about refinancing your home loan and want to know the benefits? Here's six!
Four factors to consider before refinancingBefore you refinance your home loan, there are a few key points you may want to consider.
Unloan's six step guide to refinancing and how it worksDecided it’s time to refinance your home loan? Learn more about the process and how it works.
What is refinancing and how can it help you reach your financial goals?How refinancing works and how you can use it to reach your financial goals.
What's the difference between a home loan interest rate and a refinanced interest rate?What is a home loan interest rate and a refinanced interest rate and should you consider refinancing.
Unpacking the differences between a reverse mortgage and refinancingHow you can unlock equity in your home and how the two options compare to each other.
What is cash out refinancing and how does it work?Your guide to cash out refinancing and how it works.
How can I use my equity to fund renovations?Homeowners can build up equity in their home loan to help cover the costs of their renovations. Find out how.
What costs are associated with refinancing your home loan?Before you begin the process of refinancing, it’s worth doing the maths before switching lenders.
9 questions to ask your lender when refinancing your home loanPlanning to refinance your home loan? To help you decide if your lender is right for you, here are 9 must-ask questions.
How does refinancing work with your equity and can you access equity without refinancing?How does home equity play a role in refinancing, how to calculate equity and ways to access it without undergoing a full refinance.
6 things to consider before refinancing and is it worth it?Thinking of refinancing your home loan? Learn about when it could be time to refinance, and costs and benefits.
6 factors lenders may take into consideration when you refinance your home loanConsidering refinancing? To help you prepare, discover factors lenders assess, from your current home loan details to living expenses.
The pros and cons of cash out refinancingLooking to utilise the equity in your home? Discover the pros and cons associated with cash out refinancing.
Understanding home appraisals & the role of property valuations in mortgage refinancingExplore the differences between home appraisals and property valuations and its role when it comes to refinancing
Is Unloan part of CommBank?Built by Australia's leading bank, Unloan is a new kind of home loan designed to put more value back in customers' hands.
Does Unloan offer a discount?We believe loyalty should be rewarded. That's why every Unloan gets an additional 0.01% p.a. discount — every single year
Does Unloan offer fixed rate loans?
Are cash backs worth it?Cash backs can seem attractive in the short term, but could you be better off with a simple low rate?
What are your options when a fixed rate term ends?Are you about to about to fall off your fixed rate mortgage cliff? Here are three options you could explore.
Why a variable interest rate for your home loan could be right for youDeciding between a fixed interest rate or a variable interest rate? Here's why a variable home loan could be right for you
How does Unloan calculate my repayments?Ever wondered how we calculate your home loan repayments when you're with Unloan? Here's how we do it.
How do my expenses affect my serviceability?Here's everything you need to know about how your expenses impacts your serviceability.