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Beginner's Guide to Home Loans
Beginner's Guide to Home Loans

Home loans made simple

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Your property's current valueBuying or selling your property? Estimating the value can be a difficult task to navigate.
What is a redraw facility?Learn about a redraw facility, how it impacts your repayments and how it differs to an offset account.
What is a serviceability assessment?Understanding serviceability assessments and what factors are reviewed.
How does income impact my serviceability assessment?What's classified as income and what to do if your income changes.
How does debt & expenses impact your application?Learn about how your debt & expenses help determine whether you can afford your loan repayments.
What's the difference between a redraw facility and an offset account?Here’s the difference between the two features and how they work in different ways.
What fees are involved when purchasing or refinancing?Here's some home loan fees to familiarise yourself with.
How to improve my credit score
What is credit score, and how is it calculated?When it comes to your eligibility, your credit score plays an important role.
The Different Types of Mortgages in AustraliaEveryone's financial needs differ. With many mortgage types, whether you're renovating or seeking a lower rate, there's a fit for you.
Should I use a mortgage broker?A mortgage broker can help to guide you through, offer advice and find the best loan for your needs. Discover the benefits and costs here.
What is debt consolidation?Everything you need to know about debt consolidation. How does it work, what are the benefits and what you need to consider.
How do banks calculate the interest on my home loan?Learn how interest rates are calculated on your mortgage, whether you have a fixed, variable, or split-rate loan.
How banks calculate your borrowing capacityHere's everything you need to know about how banks calculate your borrowing capacity.
How to easily calculate your potential mortgage repaymentsMany borrowers wonder about what their mortgage repayments are going to be. You can calculate them yourself easily. Here's how.
What is stamp duty?Everything you need to know about stamp duty.
What is Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR)?Everything you need to know about LVR and why it’s an important part of the home loan process.
What is a comparison rate?Everything you need to know about what a comparison rate is and how it is calculated.
Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly RepaymentsEverything you need to know about weekly and monthly repayments.
What is a home loan discharge?Everything you need to know what a home loan discharge is and the process involved.
What is equity?Everything you need to know about equity and why it's important.
What is a valuation fee?Everything you need to know about a valuation fee.
What is a principal and interest home loan repayment?Everything you need to know what principal and interest is and what this type of repayment includes.
What is a cooling off period?Everything you need to know about a cooling off period and how it works.
What is a repayment holiday?We all love a holiday, but when it comes to home loans, what is a repayment holiday? Here's everything you need to know.
What is conveyancing and how much are conveyancing fees?Everything you need to know about conveyancing, what it involves and how much it costs.
What happens when I redraw from my home loan?Everything you need to know about what happens when you withdraw from a redraw facility.
Four things to consider before consolidating your debtAre you contemplating on consolidating your debt? Here are four things to consider.
What is a variable rate home loan?Everything you need to know about what a variable rate home loan is and the features it offers.
What is a settlement date?Everything you need to know about a settlement date is and what happens on settlement day.
What is a home loan repayment?Learn about what a home loan repayment is and what factors impact how much your repayment amount is.
Variable rate home loans explainedBefore you take on a mortgage, here’s what you should know about variable rate home loans.
What are principal and interest home loan repayments?Everything you need to know about principal and interest home loan repayments.
What are the features and benefits of a redraw facility?Are you looking for a way to save on interest and tap into your equity later down the track? A redraw facility could just be the answer.
Why do you need to check your credit score?We explain why it's important to check your credit score regularly.
What is loan amortisation?Everything you need to know about loan amortisation and how it works.
Can I include my student debt in a debt consolidation loan?We explore if you can include your student debt in a debt consolidation loan.