How to make changes to your AutoPay

Learn how to make changes to your AutoPay debits in five simple steps.

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1. Log into and click on your Account.

2. Click on ‘Set Up AutoPay’ on the home page of your account.

3. Click ‘Change AutoPay’.

4. You can choose to change your repayment frequency, the account that will be direct debited and a date to commence payments.

Please note that the debited amount set cannot be lower than your minimum monthly repayment or the amortised amount for the frequency period you select.

5. Read the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement and if you’re happy to proceed, ‘Confirm’ your AutoPay Summary.

If you have a co-borrower:

1. The co-borrower will receive a request for approval via email.

2. To approve the request by logging into clicking ‘View’ on the AutoPay notification card on the dashboard.

3. Click ‘Approve’ if they are happy to proceed.

4. Click ‘Done’ to close the summary.

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