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How do I complete my mortgage documents?
How do I complete my mortgage documents?

Learn how to complete your mortgage documents when applying with Unloan.

Updated over a week ago

After completing your Discharge Authority Form, as part of the documents you need to send to us, is your new mortgage documents.

There are two options to complete your mortgage documents:

For electronic documents:

  1. Log into your account via

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to review and electronically sign your mortgage documents (If you have a co-borrower, please ensure each individual borrower logs into the Unloan application with their nominated email address to sign the electronic mortgage form)

  3. Upload a copy of your completed Discharge Form and Building Insurance Certificate

  4. Click Submit

For physical documents:

  1. Sign only in the ‘Mortgagor Execution’ section, where your name is printed

  2. Your signature must be witnessed by an eligible witness. For details on witness requirements, click here.

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