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Providing access to a password-protected payslip
Providing access to a password-protected payslip

A step-by-step guide on how to provide us access to your password-protected payslip during your Unloan application.

Updated over a week ago

If your payslip is password-protected and needs to be submitted, here are two ways to provide this to us:

Convert to a PDF

  1. Open your payslip with your password.

  2. Use the 'Print to PDF' function to save an unprotected version.

This process creates a PDF that does not require a password, ensuring your personal password remains confidential.

Secure Email Submission

  1. Email the password-protected payslip to [email protected] with your contact details.

  2. Please do not include your password in the email, as a Lending Specialist will contact you to securely obtain the password.

These steps are designed to protect your security while allowing us to process your application efficiently.

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