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Buying a Home
Buying a Home

Everything you need to know about buying a home

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Your guide to conditional approvalWhat is conditional approval and how can it help you remove a lot of the stress with buying a home and applying for a home loan.
Buying a Home? Here's where to startSix tips to help you start your home-buying journey with confidence.
Should I get a building & pest inspection on a house I'm buying?Why is a building & pest inspection important and who can complete the inspection for you.
What is the difference between green title & strata title?Fundamental differences between green title & strata title.
Understanding strata titles, how it works and feesWhether you’re a property investor or owner-occupier, understanding strata rules, fees, and responsibilities is important.
Factors to consider before purchasing a property with a strata titleIf you’re considering purchasing a property that’s part of a strata title, here are some factors to consider.
Six ongoing costs associated with owning a homeOwning a home comes with a range of ongoing costs that you’ll need to budget for – here's six to consider.
Five unexpected costs associated with owning a homeOwning a home can come with unexpected costs - here's five to consider.
Four ways to increase your borrowing powerBorrowing power doesn’t quite match the price guide? Understand ways you can increase your borrowing power.
Seven upfront costs to consider before buying a homeBesides your deposit, there are other upfront costs associated with buying a home that need to be factored into your budget.
Six factors that impact your borrowing powerBefore you begin your home buying journey, it’s important to understand six factors that impact your borrowing power.
How does your existing debt impact your borrowing powerWhen calculating your borrowing power, one factor that impacts how much you’ll be able to borrow is your existing debt.
Five things to consider if you don't have a 20% depositLenders will typically require 20% deposit as a minimum, but there are a few options if your savings balance isn’t quite there yet.
What is borrowing power?Your borrowing power will give you a better indication of what homes you can afford. Learn more about borrowing power & how it's calculated.
Ten things to look for when inspecting propertiesIt's tricky to know what to ask and what to look for when inspecting potential properties - here's ten things to look for.
Your guide to auction biddingWhether it’s your first-time or you’re a seasoned bidder, here’s your guide to auctions and what to expect.
Checklist for moving houseTo help your move go smoothly, we’ve put together a checklist to help you in the lead-up to moving day.
Eight tips to help you feel prepared for an auctionGet ready for auction day and give yourself the best chance to secure your dream home.
What are the risks & benefits associated with buying off the plan?Buying off the plan can be a great way to purchase a brand new property, and get your start, but there are risks and benefits involved.
Should I build a new home, or buy an existing home?When it comes to buying a home, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to build a new one or buy an existing home.
Should I renovate my home or move?Looking for more space or want to upgrade features? Moving isn't your only option.
A property value calculator will be your best friend when buying a new house. Here's why.Here’s what you need to know about property value calculators and the benefits they offer for potential home buyers.
Should I make an offer subject to finance?Your guide to making an offer subject to finance. What does it mean? How does it work? And why should consider it.
What is a building inspection report?Everything you need to know about a building inspection report.
What is a pest inspection report?Everything you need to know about a pest inspection report.
What is a strata inspection report?Everything you need to know about a strata inspection report.
What is a special-purpose property report?Everything you need to know about a special purpose report.
How do banks value properties?Everything you need to know about property valuation and how banks calculate it.
What is a Low Deposit Premium (LDP)?Everything you need to know about low deposit premium and its benefits.
How much deposit will I need to buy a house?Thinking of buying a home and wondering how much you need to save for a deposit? We break it all down for you.
How does the cooling off period differ from state to state?Here's what you need to know about what the cooling off period is and how it works in your home state or territory.
How does a family guarantee work?Everything you need to know about a family guarantee and how it works.
What is Lender’s Mortgage Insurance and how much is it?Have you been asked to pay Lender's Mortgage Insurance, and wondered what it is? Here's everything you need to know.
How to calculate loan-to-value ratio (LVR)Everything you need to know how about to calculate your LVR, why it's important, and it affects your home loan.
What are the different types of guarantor home loans?We explain the four different types of guarantor home loans and how each works.
Understanding a contract of saleReviewing your contract before your sign it will help you understand what it contains and what you’re committing to.
Things to know about stamp duty when buying a houseHere’s everything you need to know about stamp duty when it comes time to buy your next home.
Can you dip into your superannuation to buy a house?Every wondered if you can use your superannuation that you've been building up to buy your dream home?
Three benefits of Lender's Mortgage Insurance (LMI)LMI may require you to pay a one-off, non-transferable fee, we explore four benefits it could have.