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How to calculate your monthly expenses
How to calculate your monthly expenses

Applying with Unloan? Learn how to calculate your monthly expenses.

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An expense is a cost that goes towards your living costs and can vary month on month. It covers a wide variety of costs and payments including:

  • Food & Groceries including dining out

  • Utilities & Maintenance costs such as strata, rent, water and electricity bills, gardening and cleaning services, insurance and more. This includes any investment properties you may own.

  • Services such as phone, internet, and streaming providers.

  • Transport expenses such as car registration, insurance, tolls, petrol, public transport, and recreational vehicle expenses.

  • Medical, Health & Fitness expenses such as gym memberships, prescriptions, hair, and beauty appointments.

  • Entertainment such as movies, holidays, alcohol and more.

  • Expenses associated with having children including day care, childcare, school fees, child & spousal support and more.

  • Expenses associated with owning pets including pet food, grooming, care products, health products and more.

If you need assistance to calculate your expenses accurately, our application experience features an average range for each expense category to guide you based on the information you provide.

For example, if your household includes one adult and a dependent you might typically spend between $1050 to $2100 per month on food, groceries, and takeaways. The information provided serves as a guide only.

Should your figures vary, its recommended to base the amounts on your own knowledge.

Here at Unloan we know not everyone budgets the same which is why we created our application experience to have customisable frequency settings for each expense category - daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, to suit your budgeting preferences.

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