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Co-Borrowers and other Loan Structures
Co-Borrowers and other Loan Structures

Need to add a co-borrower, or need to know what loan structures are accepted?

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Applications for an Unloan can be submitted solely (i.e in one name), or with two names – yourself and a co-borrower.

I’m applying solo

At Unloan, we try to make it as easy as we can for customers, with our digital application assessment. Because we are a digital platform, we do have some limitations on acceptable loan structures. For example; we cannot accommodate the following:

  • Guarantors

  • Powers of Attorney

  • More than two borrowers on each application

  • Part 9 debt agreements

I’ve got a co-borrower, how do I add them?

If you want to submit the application with someone else, you need to enter their contact details in the application during the ‘Borrowers’ stage. An email invitation will be sent to your co-borrower and they will have 24 hours to join the application.

Don’t panic if the invitation expires after 24 hours, we know life can get in the way. A new invitation will need to be sent and you can request this by contacting the Unloan team via our website live chat. We’ll need to verify your details to complete the request so ensure you’re logged into your Unloan account before starting.

What about other loan structures?

In addition to a standard refinance scenario , we’re able to help you with:

  • Setting up new home loans for properties owned outright – you can enter $0 on the ‘Debts & Liabilities’ screen, and specify your desired cash-out amount on the ‘Set up your Unloan’ screen.

  • Consolidating your debt – select the ‘liabilities’ you wish to pay-out with funds from your new loan.

Unloan doesn’t offer the following loan structures.

  • Split Loans

  • Reverse Mortgages

Learn more about Unloan and applying with Unloan here.

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